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Brenda's Platform

One life lost is too many, and the people of Oklahoma are our most valuable asset.  That is why my platform is all about fighting to defend the lives, liberty, and happiness of Oklahomans.


I will vote to establish equal protection for the precious preborn and make adoption affordable.  Since suicide is a leading cause of death among our young and Veterans, I will also seek to expand suicide prevention.


When it comes to medicine, I support the Oklahoma Republican Party Platform that calls for medical transparency and parental rights.  Patients must be informed about alternative solutions, natural treatments, and they must be informed of known risks.

 God Given Rights

I will fight to protect freedom of speech.  I will vote against tax increases.  I will defend your God-given right to bear arms.


As a private teacher for twenty-five years, I understand how education could excel under the right reforms.  Parents and schools must have the freedom to work together, fine-tuning each student’s education.  Therefore, I support school choice, vouchers, and giving homeschool students access to extracurricular activities.


Vote Angel to Raise the Standard of Life and Liberty.

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