Brenda Crocker Angel

Smithsonian Artist,

Artistic Evangelist,


Missionary to the

Generations of the Future.

Photo by Todd Pitts

In the early 1990's I had a dream of Jesus on the cross. I was up in the air looking down; I watched Him being crucified. I could not take my eyes off of His eyes. Even with all of the tremendous pain He was in, with torn flesh flapping in the wind and large swollen patches on his face; the love in His eyes was even more. I never saw Him die. As He yelled out, "Eli, Eli, lama sabach thani" God spoke, "Sculpt what I have just shown you." and I awoke.

Note: I had never sculpted anything before and did not know where to buy clay.

The dream was much longer than that. The 700 club flew a film crew in to interview me. They published an abbreviated portion of my dream and testimony. See is the links above.

News papers did articles such as the Tulsa World's, "Angel never dreamed of being an artist but because of a dream ; she is one." Wherein they titled me, "an adult-child prodigy."  Charisma Magazine also did an article a few years later on the impact the sculpture was having on people as I travel with it, ministering.

A few weeks later The Lord spoke again and said, "Create sculptural scriptures and drench the nation with the Word of God in images that can not be forgotten."  And again He spoke, "You are a missionary to the generations of the future while you impact the viewers of today." Thus began my ministry, SculptAmerica.

I started receiving commissions and began flowing in other areas of art as well and  began to win awards for my art. I have many more sculptures to do as I continue to have visions of the pieces God is commissioning me to sculpt. Besides sculpting in bronze, I am also carving Psalms in alabaster stones and I create sculptures for my clients as well.

An Interesting Note:
One of my Patriotic sculptures was requested by the then, President of The United States and placed on display at the White House for 6 years. It was then moved to the Smithsonian's National Collection in DC where it has been on display for the more than a decade.

I am available for commissions.