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Liberty Leads Her People to Justice

Copyright Brenda Angel, 2001, All rights reserved.

Edition 1 is currently on display in The Smithsonian's National Collection in Washington, D.C.

where it has been on display for more than a decade.  It was first on display in the White House for

6 years.  This is my 911 sculpture, Liberty Leads Her People to Justice, one in a series of 3.

In this sculpture, I have sculpted a horse representing the human spirit, named Valor.

He is rearing up in strength and resolve. Upon Valor's back is the Statue of Liberty representing

America.  In her hand she raises the Standard. Valor's mane is a flaming fire representing The

Holy Spirit, God's anointing, healing our Land with strength and peace.

As He heals us individually and as a people; Causing us to rise up with Valor and strength!

At the base of this sculpture (not seen in this photo) are the remains of the World Trade Center,

rescue workers, a working dog, car and jet engine.

May God bless America, One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all

and may He grant us His peace that passes all understanding. Amen.

Bronze, lost wax method with special patina and treatments.

My sculpture is copyrighted in 2001 and this photo is copyrighted in 2002.

All rights reserved. 

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